High Entry Palletizer

The Massman Automation high entry palletizer is ideally suited for palletizing 40-pound cheese blocks for the dairy industry.

The high entry palletizer accepts a case, rotates the case if necessary for label viewing, and creates rows of cases to achieve the desired tier pattern (to provide a cooling chimney where necessary), places a layer sheet as required, then lowers the pallet for the next tier, and repeats this process until the pallet is completed and discharges via a powered pallet conveyor.

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Massman Automation high entry palletizers are designed with safety, durability, productivity and efficiency in mind as the top design criteria. The high entry palletizer is designed to your specifications; these heavy-duty machines are built to be dependable under multi-shift conditions. With Massman Automation’s in-house technical expertise in the design and programming of this equipment, you can be assured of years of efficient productivity and low-cost ownership.

Feature & Benefits

  • Robust
  • Ideally Suited for 40# Cheese Blocks
  • Reduce Labor Costs
  • Improve Ergonomics


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