Model Name: HE

New England Machinery, Inc. offers a full line of Hopper Elevators. Our line includes:

  • Standard Hoppers
  • Cap and Small Component Elevators
  • Dual Cap Sorter Hopper Elevators
  • Lowerators

We are ready to design to your specifications and allow you the greatest flexibility in line layout and supply.

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Standard Hoppers

  • Range from 3.5 to 500 cubic feet
  • Remotely located Hoppers can be incorporated to supply your product line through our overhead conveyor system – proving maximum line layout and flexibility
  • Dribble/trickle feeding can be obtained through NEM hoppers or overhead conveyors with our AC variable speed controls
  • Can be utilized to deliver multiple sizes and shapes or components
  • Standard stainless steel bin and elevator construction provide components with clean non-painted contact surfaces as they are transported
  • High floor clearance provides easy access for quick cleaning
  • On 60 cubic feet and larger add an optional clean out system – allowing the belt to be reversed and components exit via a trap door at the back or “loading end” of the elevator

Cap and Small Component Elevators

  • This floor level hopper and vertical elevator can deliver caps and small components to any height
  • The hopper bin remains at floor level for ease of loading and ergonomic demands

Dual Cap Sorter Hopper Elevators

  • The ultimate in versatility – the dual belt system eliminates the need to change belts due to a cleat pitch change to accommodate proper orientation from different cap size ranges
  • Belts can be set up to handle certain size caps with the dormant side recycling caps back into the bin with minimum adjustments
  • Features a cap chute which is easily adjustable using knobs on the side guides
  • Slotted adjustment provides adequate clearance for a full range of caps running from 18mm to 63mm
  • Upper and lower chute escapements are stationary
  • NEM can custom engineer a Dual Belt Cap Sorter for your application


  • Designed to meet the specific demands of a two level mezzanine production facility
  • Components are lowered from an upper level to the equipment below
  • Unlike a chute or tube, the Lowerator will allow your components to be gently carried down to the equipment being supplied, then dribble/trickle fed into your system

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