Capping Systems

Discover NEM’s versatile Capping Systems for all cap sizes. Enhance production efficiency across industries with NEM cappers

Rotary Chuck Bottle Capper | The NEM capper can run the highest speeds in the industry.

Rotary Chuck Cappers

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Single Head Capper | Intermittent motion capper is designed to prevent cap or thread damage as a result of over-torqueing.

Single Head Cappers

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Cap Applicator New England Machinery

Rotary Cap Applicator

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Capper-Plugger Monoblock Machine

Monoblock Plugger/Capper

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Cap sorter-elevator

Cap and Lid Sorter System

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The Basics

What is a Capper or Capping Machine?

A Capping Machine is used to securely apply plastic or metal threaded caps, lids, snap caps, plugs and other similar closures to bottles or containers at low and extremely high speeds. Not only can Capping Machines save a product line time and money, Cappers also contribute to maintaining a sanitary work space.

How do they work?

A full Capping System includes a Cap Hopper, Cap Elevator, Cap Sorter and the actual Capping Machine. Boxes of caps, lids, plugs or other closures are poured into the Cap Hopper. The Cap Elevator slowly feeds the closures into the cap shoot or sorting bowl in order increase the efficiency of the entire Cap Delivery System. The Sorting Bowl is used to orient them correctly before sending the caps down a shoot to the Capping Machine for secure placement on the bottle or container. New England Machinery also offers a Cap Sorter Hopper Elevator that eliminates the need for a sorting bowl when applicable.

What are the different types of Cappers?

Rotary Chuck Cappers – Rotary Chuck Cappers work by placing a cap onto a bottle or container, then sending it through the machine where moving parts spin the cap so it is sealed tightly. The best part about this capper is the bottle or container stay in continuous motion so the line never needs to stop.

Single Head Cappers – Single Head Cappers are similar to Rotary Chuck Cappers, however, this capper completely stops the bottle or container at stations to spin the caps onto the container while the bottle/container remains stationary. Depending on your needs, this can be designed to be inline, keeping your bottles on the main conveyor, or with a star wheel that takes your bottle or container off the line to secure the cap and then returns it to the line.

Snap Cappers/ Lidders – Snap Cappers and Lidders most commonly use a vacuum collet to pick up the lid and then press the snap-on cap or lid onto each bottle or container as it passes through the machine.

Servo Cappers  Technically, any of our cappers could be upgraded to become a Servo driven Capper. Servo is an upgraded motor used in capping machines developed for more flexibility, accuracy and efficiency. This feature specifically offers better spindle control, precise application torque, tighter torque tolerances and real time feedback to users. Though not needed for every application, it serves as a great benefit for some.

Why should I contact New England Machinery for my Capping needs?

Five simple reasons…

  1. QUALITY – We build reliable, long lasting and high-quality machines
  2. EXPERIENCE – We know the technology and provide well thought out & executed solutions
  3. REPUTATION – We care about our customers and they love telling people about it
  4. SERVICE – We support our customers with a knowledgeable service and parts staff
  5. POSITION – We are made in the USA and report to you, our customers, not shareholders

To find out more about which Capping System would best fit your needs, contact us directly at 941.755.5550 or via email at You can also complete this form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Reliable, Superior Bottle Capping Equipment

Having a reliable Capping System is essential to ensure your containers are fully sealed and prepared for the next step in the manufacturing process. Using a Capping Machine from New England Machinery will make certain the product you sell is packaged in a high quality, high speed and efficient manner.

New England Machinery’s line of Bottle Capping or Container Closing Machines contain single head and multi-head rotary chuck capping, repeatable applied torque, retorquers used after induction sealing, pluggers, lidders, pump sorters and pump placers, overcappers and more. NEM’s Container Capping Machines will quickly and precisely marry your caps and lids to filled containers and return them to your packaging line conveyor for decorating, labeling, palletizing or case packing. NEM Capping Systems are available with servo motors for extremely accurate real-time applied torque control with torque feedback.

NEM’s complete Bottle Capping Machines or Closing Systems include a Cap Sorter or Cap Feeder integrated for use with the Capping Machine. For projects that include induction sealing, NEM offers a Retorquer Machine to re-tighten caps loosened in the induction sealing process.


Every New England Machinery Capping System incorporates features to provide you with superior solutions for your packaging line needs. Most NEM Capping System include these features:

  • Anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel construction
  • Stainless steel covered lower base frame
  • Non-marring urethane lined or stainless steel serrated collets
  • Container change parts constructed of engineered plastics
  • Contoured grippers for round containers
  • Clear polycarbonate guarding
  • Zero access entrance and exit tunnels
  • Soft start and stop features
  • Safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • High floor clearance
  • Infeed and backlog photo eyes
  • Jog switch with cord
  • Adjustable discharge height
  • UL listed components
  • Low air safety shutdown
  • Fully automatic operation with backlog photoelectric control
  • Operations and maintenance USB drive manual
  • Excellent torque accuracy
  • Ability to meet any low or high speed requirements
  • Robust construction
  • Quick changeover feature
  • HMI panel view for quick diagnostics and recipe control
  • Overload Clutches on all drive axis
  • No bottle/ No cap feature
  • VFD controlled capping spindles
  • Machines are made in the U.S.A.

Capping Delivery Systems, Cap Handling Equipment & Capper Accessories

New England Machinery also offers a wide array of Cap Handling and Delivery Systems to increase efficiency in the capping process. Some of these Cap Handling and Delivery Systems include hopper-elevators, feeders, bowl sorters and tote dumpers. These cap handling components support and complement our Capping Machines and provide a complete capping solution.

New England Machinery also offers Capping Machine Change Part Carts to keep your change parts organized, pristine, and safe. Change Part Carts also support your 5S activities and are designed around your specific change parts for your specific NEM Capping Machine.

Every NEM Capping Machine is shipped ready to integrate into your line at your facility. Contact us today at 941.755.5550 for more information on any of our Capping Systems. Capping Systems may be also referred to as: Automatic Bottle Capping Machines, Automatic Container Capping Machines, Bottle Cap Torquers, Bottle Capping Systems, Cap Delivery Systems, Cap Feeders, Cap Handling Equipment, Cap Pre-Feeders, Cap Sorters, Cap Placers, Cappers, High Speed Bottle Cappers, Capping Machines, Capping Machinery, Chuck Cappers, Cap Applicator Machines, High Speed Container Capping Systems, Container Cappers, Closure Machines, Closing Machines, Cap Spindle Machines, Snap-on Cappers, Rotary Chuck Cappers, Spindle Cappers, Snap Cappers, Screw Capping Machines, Overcappers, Overcapping Machines, Torqueing Systems, Torquer Machines, Dual Head Cappers, Plastic Bottle Capping Machines, Rotary Cap Applicator Systems, Rotary Cappers, Rotary Servo Head Cappers, Screw Cap Applicator Systems, Single Head Cappers, Spindle Capping Machine, Tightener Machines, Plugging Machines, Lidding Machines, Pump Sorters, and Pump Placers.

Superior Solutions. Superior Machines.

New England Machinery is recognized as a leader in the capping industry by delivering on-time, reliable and superb Capping Systems, and Cap Handling Equipment. NEM has been in business for over 40 years and has gained unsurpassed expertise in the engineering and manufacturing fields.

Committed to meeting each of our customer’s needs, NEM has developed a large and extremely loyal customer base. Ask any of them and you will hear – NEM delivers superior, versatile quality machines, and efficient and reliable service year after year.

We have NEM cappers at 3 of our production sites. What we appreciate most is the dedication from NEM’s whole team, from top management on down. The quality of their service is great. They are open to innovation to assist customers in resolving specific and/or unusual problems. They really listen to their customers in an open minded manner. NEM is committed to being a valued partner with our organization.”
-Pharmaceutical Capping Machine Customer

Reliable & Superior Service

Each Rotary Capping Machine includes onsite setup, training and start-up services to ensure your New England Machinery Capping Machine is integrated correctly into your packaging line and your team is trained to operate the cap application machine correctly to take advantage of all of its capabilities. Efficient operation of the machine is paramount to New England Machinery’s philosophy of providing the most efficient Capping Machine solution for your capping applications. This service is an extension of our factory acceptance testing at New England Machinery’s facility prior to any shipment of our machines to you, the customer.

Preventative Maintenance Service Program is available with your New England Machinery Bottle Capping Machine or Container Closing System. This program is structured specifically for your NEM Capping System to augment in-house maintenance for your machine. Expert Service Technicians will come to your facility on a predetermined schedule and ensure your Capping Machine runs at peak performance. This visit also can incorporate re-training of the operators to make sure your Capping Machine will continue to operate efficiently. Ask us about this important program that will help support your Capping System and ensure a highly efficient operation for your facility.

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