Upgrades and Retrofits

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Extend the life of your capital investment with NEM’s Upgrade & Retrofit Programs

These programs are designed to improve the efficiency and reliability of an existing machine and bring your NEM equipment up to current standards. As it is not always financially feasible to purchase a new, more efficient machine, this is a great option to save valuable time and money.

You can have the best machine ever built, but due to age or lack of adequate maintenance, if it does not run efficiently, it is ultimately costing you time and money. No production plant can afford to lose either one of these valuable items. As it is not always financially feasible to purchase new equipmentthis option will provide a great alternative.\

Three reasons to consider NEM’s Upgrades & Retrofit Programs

Decrease Changeover Time

Minimize the time it takes to switch from one container and/or cap to another by switching to adjustable machine parts and efficient storage for spare parts.

Improve Line Efficiencies 

Save time and money by implementing problem-solving technology that alerts employees to issues, helps automate your line and much, much more.

Increase Plant Efficiencies 

Make machine maintenance quicker and easier, plus, keep up to date with industry and/or plant safety standards.

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Equipment Upgrade
& Retrofit Programs

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