Unscrambler Systems

New England Machinery’s Unscramblers Turn Chaos into Order for Any Application

New England Machinery (NEM) manufactures a full line of Bottle Unscramblers to sort, organize, orient and deliver bottles or containers into a single, upright and orderly fashion, right onto your production line. Whether your container is large or small, your production line is fast or slow, or your product is pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic, or chemical, NEM has a low or high speed bottle unscrambling system to help maximize your production line efficiency.


Compact Bottle Unscrambler with Air Rinser and integrated Hopper/Elevator

Compact Unscrambler

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Low Profile Unscrambler | Low profile design allows easy access to all sub-assemblies

Low Profile Unscrambler

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Horizontal Bottle Unscrambler

Horizontal Unscrambler

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Rotary Beltless Unscrambler

Rotary Beltless Unscrambler

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Heavy Duty Unscrambler high speed unscrambler designed to handle all types of plastic containers.

Heavy Duty Unscrambler

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Linear Unscrambler

Linear Unscrambler

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Vertical Feed Unscrambler

Vertical Feed Unscrambler

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Compact Unscrambler- Orienter Monoblock

Unscrambler/Orienter Monoblock

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Reliable, Superior, Unscrambler Equipment

Having a reliable plastic bottle or container Unscrambler is essential to maximize efficiencies and assure your containers are prepared for the next step in the packaging process. Using an Unscrambler from New England Machinery will make certain you have an unscrambler that is easy to understand, easy to operate and maintain, and will also provide years of trouble free production.

NEM’s line of high speed Bottle Unscramblers include low profile, high performance, space saving, heavy duty, and ergonomically designed models that can be easily integrated with existing or new equipment. These Unscramblers will automatically take your decorated or virgin bottles from random bulk, and place them firmly without damage on your packaging line conveyor for downstream operations.

NEM also builds specialty machines. Any of NEMs Unscramblers can be built to meet clean room class requirements and/or built to full CGMP compliance essential for the pharmaceutical industry. Pharmaceutical, food and beverage industry standards, such as coding or track-and-trace, can be incorporated into your NEM Unscrambler to ensure FDA compliance. If your container is delicate, as often found in the cosmetic or personal care industries, there are extra gentle handling features available. NEM also provides unscramblers designed for household cleaner, chemical or motor oil products that may require special corrosion resistant finishes, wash-down of construction and components or explosion-proof electrical.

Additional specialty options available for your unscrambler include a fully integrated ionizing air rinser system, integrated secondary orienter, integrated pucking and much more. NEM is pleased to be able to offer you options specific to your industry and/or your particular needs. No other unscrambler manufacturer has the breadth of product line offered by NEM.


Every New England Machinery Bottle Unscrambler System incorporates features to provide you with superior solutions for your packaging line needs. Unscrambler System features include:

  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Zero access exit tunnel
  • Soft start and stop features with multi speed modes available
  • Jog switch with cord
  • Adjustable discharge height 36”+/- 2”
  • UL listed components
  • Low air safety shutdown
  • Simple and speedy changeover – no pockets, rod cages, or pushers
  • Fully automatic operation with backlog photoelectric control
  • FDA compliant components used when required
  • Track and Trace option available
  • Operations and maintenance USB drive manual
  • Scada options available
  • Most models can be monoblocked for secondary orientation
  • Most models can be equipped with an ionized air rinser
  • 100% fabricated and built in the USA
  • Quick, tool-less changeover
  • Optional HMI for diagnostic and recipe control
  • PLC and VFD based controls
  • And more...

Unscrambler Delivery Systems & Unscrambler Accessories

NEM can also manufacture a wide array of specialty Unscrambling Machines to increase efficiency in the production process or provide a specific solution to your line. Some of these custom systems include Roll-Ramp integration to support horizontal discharge, Unscramblers designed to re-introduce product after the HPP process, and beltless machines. These components support and complement the NEM Unscrambling Machine line and provide a complete Unscrambler solution.

New England Machinery also offers Unscrambler Machine Change Parts Carts to keep your change parts organized, pristine, and safe. These Unscrambler Change Parts Carts support your 5S activities and are designed around specific change parts for your NEM Unscrambler Machine.

Each NEM Unscrambler Machine is shipped ready to integrate into your line at your facility. Contact us today at 941.755.5550 for more information on Bottle Unscrambling Systems, Unscrambler Systems, Feeding Machines, Feeders, Sorters, Scramblers, Descramblers, Bottle Setter System, Rotary Bowls, De-Scrambler Machines or any other packaging machinery NEM offers.

Superior Solutions. Superior Machines.

New England Machinery is recognized as a leader in the unscrambling industry by delivering on-time, reliable and superb Bottle Unscramblers. NEM has been in business for over 40 years and has gained unsurpassed expertise in the production and manufacturing fields.

Committed to meeting each of our customer’s needs, NEM has developed a large and extremely loyal customer base. Ask any of them and you will hear – NEM delivers superior, versatile, and quality machines with efficient and reliable service year after year.

“We have had some of New England Machinery’s Unscramblers here for over 20 years. These machines are the best on our line. We have no problems with them ever.”
– Cosmetic Unscrambler Machine Customer

“The NEM Unscramblers are the best. We would never buy any other. None better!”
– Pharmaceutical Unscrambler Machine Customer

To find out more about what Bottle Unscrambler System would best fit your needs, contact us directly at 941.755.5550 or via email at info@neminc.com. You can also complete this form and someone will reach out to you within 24 hours.

Reliable & Superior Service

NEM offers onsite setup and Training Services to ensure your Unscrambler is integrated correctly into your packaging line, train your team to operate it correctly, and be sure you are taking full advantage of all of the Unscramblers capabilities. Efficient operation of the machine is paramount to New England Machinery’s philosophy of providing the most efficient Unscrambling Machine solution for your production challenges.

Preventative Maintenance Service Program is available with your New England Machinery Bottle Unscrambler or Descrambler Machine. This program is structured specifically for your NEM Unscrambler System to augment in-house maintenance for your machine. Expert Service Technicians will come to your facility on a pre-arranged schedule and ensure your Unscrambler System runs at peak performance. This visit also can incorporate re-training of the operators to make sure the Unscrambler Machine will continue to operate as efficiently as possible. Ask us about this important program that will help support your Unscrambler System and ensure a highly efficient operation for your facility.

(Unscramblers are often referred to as Feeders, Sorters, Bottle Setters, Descramblers, De-scramblers, Scramblers, Bottle Feeders and Rotary Bowl Machines.)