Scoop Feeder/Dropper system

Model name: NESFD/NESFP

New England Machinery, Inc. offers two types of continuous motion scoop feeders.

NESFD: Scoop Feeder Dropper sorts, feeds, and drops scoops into empty upside down cans.

NESFP: Scoop Feeder Placer sorts, feeds, and places scoops into filled containers and gently compresses them down. This compression brings the scoops below the container neck to allow for sealing and/or capping without the worry of product dust or scoops sticking up/out.

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NESF Benefits

  • Available in dropper or placer models
    • Dropper sorts feeds and drops scoops into empty upside down cans
    • Placer sorts, feeds and places the scoops into filled containers and gently compresses them down
  • Gentle scoop dropping and compressing without contaminating container edges
  • Allows containers to be more fully filled with product
  • Ideal for single-side opening containers
  • Allows induction sealing without worry of dust or scoops sticking up
  • Direct entrance discharge to customer’s constant speed, continuous motion conveyor
  • Quick, easy changeover with modular parts
  • Load at floor level or with lowerator from upper mezzanine
  • High floor clearance

NESF Features

  • Anodized aluminum and 304 stainless steel construction
  • Welded and polished stainless steel frames
  • Clean, non-painted, non-marring surfaces
  • Soft start and stop features
  • Keyless safety interlocks on all guard doors
  • Sorting bowl
  • Jog switch with 10’ cord
  • Clear polycarbonate guarding
  • Zero access entrance and exit tunnel
  • Adjustable discharge height 36”+/- 2”
  • Infeed and backlog photo eyes
  • Low air safety shutdown
  • UL listed components
  • 100% fabricated and built in the USA

Electrical Features

  • NEMA-12 Electrical
  • 208-240VAC, three phase, 60Hz, 15A
  • TEFC (totally enclosed fan cooled) AC motors
  • AC drives
  • Allen Bradley® PLC

Pneumatic Features

  • 5-10 cfm. @80 PSI. clean, dry, oil-free compressed air

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