Unscrambler/Orienter Monoblock

Model Name: (Base Model) + SO

Enjoy all the benefits of NEM Unscramblers and Orienters in one space saving footprint. Most of New England Machinery’s unscramblers can be monoblocked with several different New England Machinery linear secondary orienters.

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Unscrambler/Orienter Monoblock System Benefits

  • Save valuable floor space – unscramble and orient within the same frame
  • Eliminate the required surge distance and timing between two independent machines
  • Consolidate electrical wiring for two machines into one cabinet
  • Save time on set up and changeover
  • Use for containers that need secondary orientation – or with the bypass feature for containers in your line that don’t need secondary orientation

Unscrambler/Orienter Monoblock System Features

  • Anodized aluminum and stainless steel construction
  • Welded and polished stainless steel frames
  • Zero access exit tunnel
  • Sorting bowls available: 36”, 48”, 60”, 72”, 90”
  • Orients containers 90°, 180°, 270°
  • Soft start and stop features
  • Jog switch with 10’ cord
  • Adjustable discharge height 36”+/- 2”
  • UL listed components
  • Low air safety shutdown
  • Fully automatic operation with backlog photoelectric control
  • 100% fabricated and built in the USA

Electrical Features

  • NEMA-12 Electrical
  • Dual motor drive system
  • 208-240VAC, three phase, 50/60Hz, 30 A
  • Backlog photo eye with auto stop and restart
  • Allen-Bradley® PLC
  • Keyless Safety Interlocks

Pneumatic Features

  • 5-15 cfm. @80 PSI. clean, dry, oil-free compressed air

Models available for Monoblock option

Models available for Monoblock option:
Unscrambler Model: Orienter models
Compact – NEHCP SO-3, SO-4, SO-6
Horizontal Adjustable – NEHA SO-3, SO-4, SO-6
Low-Profile – NEHHLP SO-3, SO-4, SO-6
Heavy Duty – NEHHBT SO-3, SO-4, SO-6
Linear – NOL SO-3, SO-4, SO-6

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