Pharmaceutical Company Saves Over 20 feet of Floor Space with Compact Multi-Functional Machines

06 October 2023 //

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CASE STUDY:  Over 20 Feet of Floor Space SAVED with 3-in-1 Machine that Caps, Seals, & Retorques

The Challenge

A large pharmaceutical company lacked additional space on their line to accommodate new equipment. They came to New England Machinery (NEM) to find a solution.

The Solution

NEM engineered the perfect solution, designing a new multi-station Servo Capper with Integrated Induction Sealer and Servo Retorquer. By mounting three stations around a single indexing starwheel, NEM was able to incorporate 3 machines into one frame. This design allowed the footprint of one machine to house the capabilities of three, eliminating two pieces of downstream equipment, and saving the customer valuable floor space.

The Results

The customer received a compact machine that saved them over 20 feet in conveyor space alone – more when considering the space a separate Induction Sealer and Retorquer would take.

The Capper and Retorquer are equipped to provide torque feedback and is capable of handling a large variety of containers and caps. A waterfall style sorting system is used to eliminate the need for a centrifical bowl. Utilizing recipe control, customers can also run pressure seals and/or foil seals.

The customer is already talking about their next machine.

If you have a unique packaging challenge, contact the experts at NEM. Our packaging machinery solutions, running from simple to complex are the reasons NEM is a world-renowned leader in the packaging industry.

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Additional Multi-Functional Machinery Popular in the Pharma Industry:


Unscrambler with Air Rinser & Secondary Orienter

Capabilities:  Unscrambling, Ionized Air Rinsing & Orienting

Description:  NEM’s Compact Unscrambler has an integrated hopper elevator allowing it to offer a small footprint. Add an optional Air Rinser and Secondary Orienter, this machine houses the capabilities of four separate pieces of equipment… all in one compact frame.  Another great feature, this machine is completely enclosed, protecting the machine and containers from dust and debris.  Watch the video to see this machine in action.

Rotary Unscrambler

Capabilities:  Unscrambling & Ionized Air Rinsing

Description:  This continuous motion belt-less Rotary Unscrambler is perfect for clean room applications and facilities with strict cleaning requirements.  Designed to meet the needs of the Pharmaceutical industry, this elite machine offers all FDA compliant contact surfaces and easily integrates with advanced programming options for validation and more.  Watch the video to see this machine in action.

Monoblock Plugger/Capper

Capabilities:  Plugging & Capping

Description:  NEM’s Monoblocked Rotary Plugger/Capper places plugs or fitments securely into containers and then applies a screw cap to complete the closure process.

Servo Cappers

Capabilities:  Smart Capping

Description:  NEM offers Servo Capping solutions to meet the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.  Our Servo Cappers offers repeatable applied torque to +/- 1 in-lb, validation, has track and trace capability, torque is adjustable without use of tools, programmable CAM settings, and much more. Closed loop torque feedback and SCADA implementation provides accurate data collection.


If you have a unique packaging challenge, contact the experts at New England Machinery here. Our packaging machinery solutions, running from simple to complex are the reasons NEM is a world-renowned leader in the packaging industry.

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